Staunton City’s 2016 New Year’s Resolution:  We resolve to begin planning and marketing the development of Phase II at Staunton Crossing, a 295-acre site at the intersection of I-64 and I81 with triple-fiber communications, on site rail, and a mile of interstate frontage.

November Update & Focus:  The City of Staunton continues to actively promote Staunton Crossing, a 295-acre, mixed use, 4 phase development. 

In October of 2016, a ground-breaking ceremony was held to commemorate the beginning of Phase 1, a 25-acre tract sold to a local developer that will soon house Marriott and Hilton Hotels. Site work began in October and construction is set to begin in the spring of 2017.  This phase will also include multiple food options, large retail, a travel center and possible high-end office buildings.

With a mix of commercial office and multi-family residential development in its sights for Phase 2, the City is collaborating with Timmons Group for engineering services to holistically plan the next portion of development. Timmons identified a total of 50 acres to develop in Phase II containing 90,000 sq. ft. of additional commercial structures, office space totaling 60,000 sq. ft., and 150 multi-family units.

 Moving towards the goal of making Staunton Crossing funcitional across a variety of indsutry sectors, the comprehensive evaluation included technical infrastructure and transportation planning evaluations, taking into consideration a long list of previously completed due diligence items, and putting into perspective necessary future site improvements around the entire 295-acre property. This study resulted in a full understanding of site constraints, planning alternatives and costs analyses.

To even further solidify the City’s commitment to future enterprise, local leaders are taking additional steps to ensure that Staunton Crossing is an optimal mid-Atlantic business location. In November, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that Staunton Crossing was among 28 projects across the Commonwealth to receive funding under the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program, a grant program that will allow the City to further characterize opportunities at Staunton Crossing. Furthermore, the City of Staunton has submitted an application under Virginia’s SMART SCALE Program, a transportation funding initiative that could potentially offer State funding to offset costs associated with extending the City’s new road into Staunton Crossing through the rest of the development. 

At the crux of two heavily traveled commercial interstate corridors, the City intends to offer competitive sites to future commercial and industrial users.