County of Page 2016 New Year’s Resolution: We resolve to work with local, regional and state partners to fully leverage Page County’s Enterprise Zone and HUB Zone designations. We also look forward to filling our 60-acre Page County Industrial & Technology Park, which has rail access and a high volume, high quality water supply.

July Update & Focus: In Page County, we are excited to see our business community expanding. This calendar year we have enjoyed celebrating 10 ribbon cutting ceremonies for new businesses. We also have three participants in our County Enterprise Zone for 2016. We are currently reviewing our Strategic Plan for Economic Development and researching programs and next steps for improving our industrial properties.


In an effort to nurture a sustainable economy, our strategic plan includes three objectives:      

Business Retention and Attraction


Sustainable Agriculture

While focusing on these objectives, our intention is to establish a direction for economic growth that is guided by the vision of the community.  This vision includes:

Strong Quality of Life: There are many ways to define the nature of “a better quality of life.” This description includes citizen vision such as increased wages, improved infrastructure and amenities, a healthy place to live and increased employment opportunities. 

 Job retention and creation: The creation of jobs and retention of the existing jobs in the County is one of the fundamental goals.

 Retain the rural character of the community and protection of natural resources: Protection of our natural resources is vital, including the mountains, groundwater, caves and rivers. Farms, woodlands and open space are also a part of what is seen as the County’s “natural resources” and must be protected. 

Balance growth of agriculture, tourism and industry: To protect the County’s natural resources and maintain the rural nature of the community, a balance of agriculture, tourism and industry must be obtained and considered in development activities.

Strong unified working relationships between the County and Towns: Communication and cooperation is critical to the successful growth of the County’s economy. Only through partnerships among jurisdictions can the whole County truly thrive.

In Page County, our mission has always been to provide essential and desired services to all Page County citizens through an open and responsive decision making process that values ethical conduct, fiscal responsibility, professional expertise, regional collaboration and proactive stewardship, and we hope that we continue to live out our mission through this economic development effort.