Live It. Love It. Work It.

The City of Lexington has experienced many exciting events and new prospects in 2017, all of which support our focus on creating a sustainable ecosystem while maintaining our unique culture. In May, Main Street Lexington’s Economic Vitality Committee held its first Upstairs & Underground event, allowing participants an opportunity to walk through both finished and unfinished property in the City. This self-guided tour brought awareness to unique and often unseen potential business and residential spaces in the City.

Main Street Lexington launched the Lexington Collaboratory and Makerspace, which is designed to provide equipment, resources, and a community for hobbyists and entrepreneurs to make ideas come to life. Through engagement and interaction with people of all ages, Lexington hopes to become a place for connection, inspiration, and creation in Rockbridge. Be on the lookout for information regarding available resources in the City, as well as the Lexington Collaboratory and Makerspace.

The City of Lexington, with Main Street Lexington, continues working towards the expansion of business opportunities and thriving downtown. As part of these efforts, MSL and the City will host a meeting with state officials and National Main Street organization leaders to discuss challenges for smaller communities in development efforts. This will assist us as we put together the strategic plan to grow Lexington’s Main Street Community and develop creative business opportunities to make our city a destination for all.

Live It. Love It. Work It.

Alumni Invest

Businesses Come Together

Middle Schoolers Code

City of Lexington 2016 New Year’s Resolution: We resolve to promote and implement Rockbridge 20/20, a vision to leverage alumni relationships with Washington & Lee University, the Virginia Military Institute, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and Southern Virginia University to lure entrepreneurs and business leaders of all ages back to the area. 

June Update & Focus: Our Rockbridge 20/20 initiative has hit the ground running this spring, with outreach during alumni weekends, through rack cards in University welcome packets and at local hotels. We are also sharing our vision for the region through feature stories in university publications – coming out this summer – and locally through videos at Hull’s Drive-In. What is Rockbridge 2020? It’s our invitation for you to join us.

The “us” actually is our region’s business community, who came together to form this innovative initiative to help shape our collective future. By working together, and focusing on the things that make the region appealing and attractive, Rockbridge 20/20 hopes to bring clarity in why people live here, work here, and want to relocate here.

Our “20/20” vision is to help others see that Rockbridge should be their home base too.

At its core, Rockbridge 20/20 is a marketing effort designed to strengthen and diversify our region’s economic base. The purpose is to package and advance the City of Lexington, the City of Buena Vista and Rockbridge County as one region, and to attract new businesses and start-ups.


Rockbridge 20/20 includes three core components:

  • Focus business recruitment efforts first on the alumni base of the local colleges, targeting those who influence corporate location decisions or who want to return to the area to start a business.
  • Recruit, empower, and support new college graduates – Millennials – to start a business in the region.
  • Invite regional visitors, especially older Boomers, to start businesses in the region.

The goal is not to dramatically increase the population of our region, but rather help expand and broaden our region’s economy—to create jobs across different industries and categories, and, as an intended consequence, create a higher quality of life for everyone across the region.

The new face of the program has taken on a new public name – Rockbridge, Virginia – Live It. Love It. Work It. We are increasingly rejuvenated by the opportunity to interact with alumni and entrepreneurs to create investments and reinvestment opportunities in Lexington.

Through our collective efforts, we are pursuing the creation of an entrepreneur’s space to support new and existing businesses. Affectionately dubbed, The Callaboratory, this space will be an open area for entrepreneurs to collaborate, create and innovate.

Rockbridge 20/20 also focuses inward, on our existing resources and our future.  Through local collaboration and partnerships, we are excited that Lexington City Schools will be adding a coding class to the curriculum for the 2016-2017 school year as a way to prepare the next generation for the workforce and preparing them for the ever-changing world ahead.