November Update & Focus:  Last fall (2016) the City of Staunton submitted applications for three transportation projects totaling 11.5 million under VDOT’s Smart Scale Program.  The Commonwealth Transportation Board met in June and approved Virginia’s Six-Year Improvement place for fiscal years 2019-2023.  The approval included funding for of all three Staunton City Projects. The awarded funding includes the projects, as outlined below:

Crossing Way Extension - The proposed project will extend Crossing Way through the Staunton Crossing 300-acre development.  The 3,960 linear foot extension, will connect Crossing Way to Valley Center Drive.  The project will also include the construction of a 100-space park and ride facility and transit stop and shelter and an electric car charging station.  The total estimated project cost is $8,765,000. Engineering and design slated to begin in FY2019, with the projected completion in FY2023.

Richmond Road Diet and Roundabout - The proposed project is slated to create an urban boulevard with a new roundabout to reinforce the transition calm traffic near the Villages at Staunton into Downtown.  The project improvements include a reduction of existing travel lanes along portions of Richmond and Greenville Avenues.  The project also includes the construction of a number of a 12' shared use path with 5' grass buffer, sidewalks, and pedestrian signal heads and crosswalks.  The total estimated project cost is $2,245,800. Engineering and design is expected to begin in FY2021, with the completion of construction in FY2026.

Richmond Avenue-Statler Boulevard Intersection Improvements - The proposed project will address concerns with safety and traffic congestion, and pedestrian safety.  The improvements include the addition of a second southbound left turn lane from Statler Boulevard onto Richmond Avenue by converting the southbound through lane to a through-left combination.  The project also includes median modifications on Richmond Avenue to include reconstruction of median on Richmond Avenue to accommodate the dual left turn movement from Statler Boulevard.  And finally, the installation of a raised concrete island for pedestrian refuge and right turn channelization to make right turns a free flow movement from Richmond Avenue to Statler Boulevard.  Total estimated project cost is $573,000. Engineering and design is scheduled in FY2021, with construction to be completed in FY2026.

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