Page County July Update & Focus The Page County Economic Development Authority (EDA) began monthly meetings in the Spring of 2017 to focus on reviewing and updating the county’s strategic plan for economic development. While the plan is still under review, early results include the establishment of a workforce development program that will be implemented through ongoing industry roundtables. This program will be a collaborative effort, partnering with Page County Technical Center, Lord Fairfax Community College, and local businesses. The EDA has also begun development of new business and retention programs, which are expected to launch in late summer.

The county is also preparing to launch their Artisan’s Trail, comprised of fifty small businesses throughout Page. The trail will include craft artisans, agri-tourism, art-related businesses, as well as cultural points of interest. The EDA has voted to recruit Timmons Group to evaluate the county’s green technology and industrial park for determining the next steps for increasing marketability of the property. The Small Business Development Center has partnered with the county and towns to assess development and identify measures for strengthening and attracting new business to their respective communities.

To learn more about economic development opportunities in Page County, contact Stephanie Lillard, Director of Community & Economic Development, or visit their website: